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#1 Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:41 pm


Alot of these is nt made by me i just edited abit.

AirShip Quest 1 :
Location: Isle d'Oriens -> scene with Lady Tomo There's a cloud hiding in/above the trees. Click on it.

Need a lift? I found this strange object in the sky, looked like a boat
from where I was. I'm going to check it out. If you want to join, hang

(Options: Hang on to the Nimbo! (Continue) | No thanks, I get airsick. (Cancel))

As you finally reach the ship, you get a strange feeling that something
is amiss. Humidius can't keep up with the altitude so you will be on
your own for a while. Look around the ship for anything suspicious.

Magnae Ama:
Welcome to my ship little one! I am Magnae Ama. You may have already
met my partner Vince, if not, then you havn't been looking hard enough.

You: What is this place? How in the world did you get a ship to fly?
Magnae Ama:
This land is littered with impossibilities, its all a matter of
harnessing the right ones. My partner may have given up his drakel
roots as a warrior, but I continue to train up here.
You: Impossibilities? what do you mean by that?
Magnae Ama: I have no time for you questions puny warrior, I have a ship to run!
Magnae Ama: Feel free to walk around, but beware of your steps. This is a warship, not a playground. Also, stay out of the basement.
You: Why? what do you hide in the basement?
Magnae Ama:
More questions? The basement hold the engine room, a place which you do
not want to play around in. Unless you want to send us crashing into
the ground.
You: ...

(Magnae Ama slides away.)

You: ...That was creepy...

Ball and Chain

Magnae Ama: What happened? What have you done to my ship?
You: Your ship? Your ship just attacked me!
Magnae Ama: Don't be foolish, it is you who is attacking my ship. These are my training grounds, I warned you to be careful.
Magnae Ama: You have caused enough damage for today, leave this place, you are no longer welcome.
You: But my Nimbo has left, how am I supposed to get down?
Magnae Ama: Your problem, not mine. Either you jump, or my blade throws you over.
You: Ack!

(Humidius reappears.)

Humidius: Ready to leave? I can't stay up here much longer. This ship is venting a strange gas which is blowing me away!

(Options: Let's go! (Exit - Returns you to Isle D'Oriens.) | I'll stay (Continue.))

Humidius: Suit yourself, I won't be far so when you're ready to leave return here and I will pick you up

(Navigate through the area and fight monsters. Make sure to click on
everything. Monsters reappear in this area when you go backwards.)

Battle (without going backwards)
Ball and Chain
Ball and Chain

(Enter the Basement - Assume that you move to the next room after the guard slides away.)

This place smells horrible! No wonder she tried to keep me away. Looks
like there is enough animal feed in here to keep Aria's pets fed for a
few lifetimes!
?: Halt! Who goes there? Trespassing eh? Fear me!

Battle Little Guard.

Guard: No fair! you're bigger than me!

(Guard slides away.)
(Remember to keep clicking everything.)

Guard: Back for more? This time I won't give you any chances!

Battle Little Guard.

Guard: Bah, had dust in my eye!

(Guard slides away.)

You: I must be getting closer, I can hear muffled cries...
Guard: Yaaaaaaaaah!

Battle Little Guard.

Guard: I better get help...

(Guard slides away.)

Guard: This is the last time someone pushes me around!

(transformation cut scene)

Battle Big Guard.

Guard: Time to feel my full power of giant awesomeness!
Guard: Super-Ultra-Mega-Rocket-Power!

(Click around to trigger the next scene and repeat.)

(Solve the puzzle with the collected puzzle pieces. You can only access it if you have all of the puzzle pieces.)

You: You monster!
Magnae Ama: I told you to stay away, this place is not meant for your eyes.
You: This is torture! Release these creatures immediately!
Magnae Ama:
Release them? Are you mad? These creatures are keeping us in the air!
They breathe out an ultra-light gas only found within their lungs,
which I use to keep us above ground.
You: I don't care if it sends us crashing into the mountains below! Release them now Drakel! Or I will release them for you!
Magnae Ama:
Have it your way human, but I warn you...Drakel don't give up easily.
Let me show you what centuries of Magiscience can do to a creature...


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#2 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:41 pm


AirShip Quest 2 :

Tall Mutant Squib
Dog Mutant Squib
Demon Mutant Squib
Fat Mutant Squib
Demon Mutant Squib

You: Its over Magnae...
Magnae Ama:
The ship! It's falling! Without the gas, we'll crash into the rock.
Follow me human, free the rest of the creature and let us leave. No use
losing any more cargo over your stupid mistakes.


Magnae Ama:
There's no way off human, looks like its over for both of us. But
before we crash, I need to know one thing...Why did you do it? You knew
we'd fall if you fought back.
You: I had to, I could not leave those creatures chained lik that under your ship. It was the right thing to do.
Magnae Ama:
The right thing? Even at the cost of your own life? You may have weak
skin human, but I admire your strength. You'd make a great warrior in
the Drakel ranks.
You: Well, this wasn't how I expected to
go, but at least there is a great view out here. Do you think if we
jumped at the exact moment the ship is about to crash...
Magnae Ama: -Ha! you never give up, do you?
Humidius: There you are! Quick! We have to leave! I only barely have enough energy to keep up with this thing!

(Humidius surrounds the character.)

You: Hang on to me Magnae! There's no much time left.
Magnae Ama: You are noble, human, but we both know the cloud will never support us both. Fly away friend, fly as far as you can.
You: ...Goodbye Magnae...

(Cut scene.)


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#3 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:42 pm


After going through the wreckage, it seems as if Magnae escaped to
safety. She is nowhere to be found, but you have a feeling that you
will see her again soon...


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#4 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:42 pm


rogzard Hunter Quest: Part 1

The Frogzard Hunter: Frogzard Hunter here! We are in the Wilds of Athzes... on the trail of the fierce and elusive frogzard!
The Frogzard Hunter: And with me today is one of the adventurers of Battleon. Stick with me and you'll learn a lot about Frogzard lore.
The Frogzard Hunter: Hold on! I think I see one now! You must
approach the Frogzard with extreme caution... and when you make a grab
at it, do not grab the teeth!
The Frogzard Hunter: Gotcha little bugger!
The Frogzard Hunter: CRICKEY!!!
The Frogzard Hunter: Look out mate! Here comes another...


The Frogzard Hunter: Crickey, look at the size of these teeth!
Say,would you mind helpin' a feller out? Just knock the little bugger
off my head. Be careful to not hit me though!

Frogzard Hunter

The Frogzard Hunter: Thanks mate! I owe ya one.
The Frogzard Hunter: Did you hear that? Sounded like thunder. Must be a storm moving in.
The Frogzard Hunter: Or perhaps a rare Zappitus Frogazarditus... Better known around here as the EnergyZard!
The Frogzard Hunter: Crickey, here he comes! Put the beat down on that bloke.I'll just wait for you over here.


The Frogzard Hunter: Good job!
The Frogzard Hunter: Fortunately, a good wildlife management professional always carries a healing potion.

The Frogzard Hunter hands you a potion.

The Frogzard Hunter: Now, most people think the only good Frogzard is a dead one... but not me. Hey? Do you smell something Burning?


The Frogzard Hunter: Nice fighting! That fella tried to barby me like a shrimp.
The Frogzard Hunter: Brrrr... weather changes rapidly in this part of the continent. Perhaps we will get the chance to spot the rare IceZard.


The Frogzard Hunter: I guess you gave that fella the cold shoulder... Hey! Wait a minute. He dropped something!
The Frogzard Hunter: Crikey! What a rare find.. some sort of weapon! It is very unusual to find something like this in the wild.
The Frogzard Hunter: Aiieeeeee!!! Hey, this one has a tail.


The Frogzard Hunter: Good job mate! Maybe we will find the Frogzard weapon in our next adventure.
The Frogzard Hunter: G'day for now mates, and be sure to join us
next time when we set off to find the wild and wiley ****** zard and
her treasure! to be continued...


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#5 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:43 pm


Frogzard Hunter Quest: Part 2

The Frogzard Hunter: Well, 'ello there mate! We are back for another helping of Frogzard fun!
The Frogzard Hunter: ... And with us again today is *THE*
leading authority on Frogzard lore! This Adventurer has fought more
Zards then most people realize exist!
The Frogzard Hunter: What was that ? Did you just feel a breeze?
The Frogzard Hunter: I can see my house from up here....... weeeeeeeeeee!


The Frogzard Hunter: Now that bloke was just full of hot air. You know what they say... Zards of a feather... um... how's that go again?
The Frogzard Hunter: Anyway, it is a pretty sunny day. I am suprised we have not run into any Rayzards. They are a rare breed of Frogzard.
The Frogzard Hunter: They actually recive thier power from the
sun and can redirect it into a powerful attack that has the potentional
to blind an opponent!
The Frogzard Hunter: Hey there is one...look, he is gearing up to launch a blast at me!
The Frogzard Hunter: Crickey!!! The bugger blinded me!
The Frogzard Hunter: ...ouch.


The Frogzard Hunter: Today are true objective is to find the legendary Frogzard Blade. It is an ancient weapon of untold power.
The Frogzard Hunter: ... and to get it, we need to jump in the drink. Hope you brought your swimming trunks mate!
Adventurer: Excuse me... Frogzard Hunter. I would like to make a comment.
The Frogzard Hunter: Sure thing! What is on your mind ?
Adventurer: Well, not to be rude or anything... but that is the worst looking water I have ever seen in my entire life.
Adventurer I mean, look at it... it is the wrong color of blue
and those squiggly lines do not even look like waves. I mean they are
facing the wrong way!
Adventurer...and while I am at it. Your pants are funny looking.
The Frogzard Hunter: ...
Adventurer: Sorry, that is all.
The Frogzard Hunter: Right-O! Lets go for a dive!


The Frogzard Hunter: Whew! Now that was refreshing! It always surprises me how long the average adventurer can hold their breath.
The Frogzard Hunter: *Hears a growl* Crickey!... I would know that sound anywhere! The mighty Frogzard ******. Not a friendly beast by any measure.
The Frogzard Hunter: Ah, there you are... I hope you brought some potions. MotherZard is guarding the legendary sword!
The Frogzard Hunter: Now, the MotherZard herself is not so
bad... it is the kids you need to look out for. Those little buggers
will swarm you and...
The Frogzard Hunter: no worries mate! I can flip these off with one move!
The Frogzard Hunter: Woooohoooo! Did you see that mate ? Zards rule?.. Bah! I rule!!!
The Frogzard Hunter: Now lets get going.....
The Frogzard Hunter: Maybe you should take this one.


The Frogzard Hunter: Good job mate! While you were distracting the MotherZard I found it! The legendary Frogzard Sword.
The Frogzard Hunter: I think you should hold on to this for awhile. You earned it!

You gain Frogzard Sword

The Frogzard Hunter: It is now in your inventory, but be warned, it will disappear when you log off or go to the shop.
The Frogzard Hunter: One more thing...
The Frogzard Hunter: If the MotherZard created all the Frogzards... Who created the MotherZard ?
The Frogzard Hunter: Just a thought.
The Frogzard Hunter: CRICKEY!!!

Grandmother Zard

The Frogzard Hunter: That was interesting... I've got some zards to go round up. I'll see you later!


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#6 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:43 pm


The Undead at the Monolith

You: Okay, so here I am. I wonder if volunteering to watch the monolith was a good idea after all...
You: ............
You: Hehe, nevermind. There doesn't seem to be anything going on here! I actually wouldn't mind a little excitement.
The Reaper: What is that you said?
You: Gah! You're-- you're--
The Reaper: Come now, I can't hear you. Speak up! No wait-- I don't have any ears, so I guess that doesn't make a difference.
The Reaper: Ah well, here is a little something to keep you busy.

Level 25 and Below
Giant Spider
Lesser Zombie
Sickly Zombie
Undead Knight
Undead Mage (14)
Undead Moglin Knight
Undead Soldier
Undead Troll
Undead Wounded

Level 26-50
Draegan Avenger
Drakath, Undead Dragon (30)
Moglin Fiend
Pygmy Zombie (30)
Skull Swarm (30)
Undead Commander
Undead giant
Undead King
Undead Skull Knight
Undead Skuller
Zombie Dragon (38)
Zombie Knight

Level 51 and Above
Big Zombie
Drakath, Undead Dragon (65)
Ghost (53)
Moglin Death Knight
Moglin Ghost
Moglin Phantom
Pile O’Bones
Pygmy Zombie (65)
Undead Basher
Undead Berserker
Undead Giant Moglin
Undead Moglin demon
Undead Skuller
Undead Warlord
Undead Wolf Master
Zombie Commander (98)
Zombie Dragon (70)

The Reaper: My my, you are quite resilient, fleshling.
You: Just what are you doing here?? Is this stone clock something YOU made?
The Reaper:
Actually, it seems I am here mistakenly. You see, I thought it was time
for me to do my "clean-up" job that is scheduled here in Stonerule...
The Reaper: ...but I have come here too early.
You: Clean-up job?? What do you mean exactly?
The Reaper In a while there will be more souls to collect here than I have seen in a long time. THAT'S what I mean by clean-up.
You: Maybe we should evacuate Stonerule.
The Reaper HAHA. Evacuation will only prolong the inevitable. And if there is ONE thing I am all about, it's the inevitable.

The Reaper So, while I'm here, I might as well have a try at collecting your soul. Want to take me up on the challenge?

Fight the Reaper

The Reaper

Flee the Reaper

You: Uh, no thanks. I'll pass on that for now. Lots of leveling up left to do. Heh.
The Reaper: No skin off my back. Literally. I'll be seeing you, fleshling...


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#7 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:43 pm


Doppleganger Challenge

As you approach the front door, you feel a strange chill run down your spine...

You: Uh-oh... that can't be good. Looks like my door is part-way open. But I don't remember leaving it unlocked.

Door opens and eyes can be seen.

You: Okay, now I KNOW I didn't leave it unlocked. Come on out, coward!

It's You!

You: Mogloween is crreeeeppppppyy! Now I can say I OWNED myself.


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#8 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:43 pm


Custom Weapon Quest

Yulgar: Welcome to you! My friend Blackhawke here has come
with some good news. It seems a large caravan carrying a massive cargo
of weapon parts was raided in the northern hills!
From what I hear, the parts are scattered everywhere. Someone would
just have to wander around for a while, fighting off the occasional
monster of course, to find some.
Blackhawke: A little word
of advice: Watch out for the bandits who raided the caravan. They'll be
out looking for the parts too, and they're well armed.
Yulgar: Bring the pieces back to me when you've found the ones you want and I will forge you a custom weapon from them!
You only need to buy the weapon ONE TIME... after that, whenever you go
out and find new parts, I will automatically re-forge it with the new
Blackhawke: You will find blades that determine
your damage, handles that determine accuracy, hilts that determine your
weapon's element, and even magical gems that-- do magic things. Hmf.
I'm a fighter, not a mage.
Yulgar: Well what are you waiting for! Start hunting on the hills for the weapon parts!


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#9 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:44 pm


Part 2


Level 25 and Below
Knight (10)
Green Knight (20)
Lance Knight (18)
Axe Knight (12)
Drakel Caster
Torch Foot
Evil Eye
Drakel Water Mage
Orc Archer
The Bloatt

Level 26-49
Knight (10)
Knight (30)
Green Knight (20)
Lance Knight (18)
Lance Knight (36)
Axe Knight (12)
Axe Knight (24)
Tank Knight (40)
Forest Demon
O'Greeny (20)
Ghost (20)
Weather Witch
Death Witch
Light Vampragon (30)
Hirroo (30)
Draegan Avenger

Level 50 and Above
Knight (30)
Green Knight (20)
Green Knight (40)
Lance Knight (36)
Axe Knight (24)
Tank Knight (70)
Tank Knight (40)
Moglin Phantom
O'Meany (40)
Pheron (40)
Demon Spectre
Undead Mage
Moglin Ghost
Lightbringer (50)
Ghost (53)
Undead Moglin Demon
Hirroo (60)


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#10 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:44 pm


Part 3

Luck Check!
Search the area for a weapon part. Ask yourself if you feel lucky today.

Difficulty: 50
Stat Used: Luck

If you roll a 50 or below you fight another monster from the above list.
If you roll a 51 or greater:

You Found (One of the following) Read the Custom Weapon entry for details on each part.

Fire Ore

Well Balanced

Level 0+
Very Sharp

Well Formed and Perfectly Shaped
Energetic and Perfectly Shaped
Energetic and Shaped
Well Formed and Shaped
Well Formed Unshaped

Keep it! or Don't Take it!

Do you want to continue looking for more pieces of the custom weapon or return to town ?

Quest on! Will put you into another monster fight.
Back to the Inn will take you back to Yulgar's inn where you can
purchase your weapon if you have a part from each category. You can
also get up to 5 potions from the bag in Yulgar's inn.

If you do not have a part from each category:

Welcome back! Remember, after you buy your weapon ONE TIME, you don't
need to buy it again. It will be re-forged whenevr you go find more

Quest on! Will put you into another monster fight.
Leave the Inn will take you back to Battleon.
Forge my weapon! will take you to the shop so you can purchase your
custom weapon for 5000 gold. (This option only appears if you have a
hilt, blade, handle and gem.)

Blackhawke: Now THAT is a fine weapon!
Quest on! Will put you into another monster fight.
Leave the Inn will take you back to Battleon.


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#11 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:44 pm


Special Cutscene

Eternal: You… you have returned after all these years…
Huntress: For ten centuries I have traveled, waiting for the return.
Eternal: Where have you been? I, trapped in my own body have waited for you to show yourself.
Huntress: I have been following the Devourer’s wake. I’ve been traveling through time, through space, taking every step along its side.
You have betrayed yourself, how could you follow it when it has killed
everything I love? It has taken my friends, my family… And now you too…

Huntress: My time is up. Be prepared father, a war is
nearing. You shall need all the help you can get. This time, it will
not leave you standing…

The Huntress Leaves

Eternal: We will have to get you an armor little friend...
Pae: Meep!


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#12 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:45 pm


The Huntress Cutscene: Part 1

Yulgar: You brought me to the basement of the Guardian Tower. This place is closed off to almost everyone! How did you--?
Huntress: I can rip open interdimensional doorways using the Gauntlet of The’galin.
Yulgar: Hm—well that just brought up way to many new questions…
Yulgar: Okay, so you know who my grandfather and great-grandfather and THEIR great-grandfathers were.
HOW do you know that stuff, and WHY did you abduct me from my own Inn??
And you’d better have some good answers-- or these gloves’re comin’
Huntress: You, Yulgar, are in possession of some important knowledge that will impact the very future existence of Lore.
I have a sacred duty, which I have followed for centuries, and I will
stop at nothing to succeed. I do not know you, and I do not know your
Huntress: --but I promise you this: If you do not do as I say-- if you challenge me--
Huntress: -- I will have no choice but to flay the flesh from you bones.
Yulgar: Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? I mean, we barely know each other. Maybe we should start over again…
Huntress: Tell me where your ancestors hid the weapons, blacksmith.
WHAT weapons? I hate to tell you, but my ancestors and I have made and
awful lot of weapons over the years. And again-- I don’t know you.
I’m getting a really BAD VIBE from you-- like the worst possible things
in the world follow you around everywhere. You’d better tell me what
EXACTLY is going on, or-- or--
Huntress: I brought you
here because this is where secrets would be kept. The last Guardian
Tower of Lore, storage place of many valuable things.
Huntress: Perhaps even a locked book would be kept here… a book that only YOU could open. That tells of where THE WEAPONS were taken.
Yulgar: ??? I don’t know about any book.
Huntress: You only need to look for it, and it shall find you. Now, look! I need to know WHERE THEY ARE!!
Yulgar: I think you need to get out of my way-- I’m not doing anything until I talk to some friends of mine.

The Huntress grabs Yulgar

Yulgar: *urk*
Yulgar: You’re a lot stronger than you LOOK… hehe. Did I tell you that you have very nice eyes?
Huntress: No you haven’t. But the last thing I need to hear is a compliment. You, by the way, are a lot HEAVIER than you look.
The book of your ancestors is here, and only you will know how to open
it. Inside we will find the location of the weapons I seek.
Yulgar: Why can’t you tell me more??
Huntress: For now, the less you know-- the better.
Yulgar: Okay, I’ll open the book, but you’d better pray you’re one of the good guys when the time comes.
Huntress: Prayer will be of little help to any of us, bearded one…


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#13 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:45 pm


The Huntress Cutscene: Part 2

Huntress: You were lying to me weren’t you? You knew where the book was all along.
Not… exactly. As soon as we arrived here, I had a strange feeling… gave
me goosebumps. Something tells me that this book you want is in these
Huntress: Get it.

Yulgar breaks open a box to find the book "Weapons of Salvation"

Yulgar: The… book. It’s actually there.

On this, the third harvest moon after our blessed return from hiding,
I, Bord Smythedge of Oaklore Village, have set down to keep record of a
discovery we have made that may one day help our ancestors should the
abominable evil that ravaged our lands ever return. Alas, this
discovery was made many years too late to help the thousands who did
perish in the grasp of the World-Eater.
I, being a blacksmith, was charged with finding a way to make the
glowing metal into weapons of the highest order and then hid them on a
long trek to...

Maximus: Who goes there?!?
Yulgar: !!!
I recognize you. You’re the Innkeeper and blacksmith! How did you get
down here??? Only we elite Tower Guardians can enter the basement!
Yulgar: It wasn’t me-- I was teleported here by that woman!!
Maximus: WHAT woman?
Yulgar: Uhhhh… she calls herself the Huntress… and she was RIGHT HERE!! Just a minute ago!!
Okay, I don’t know what you’ve been experimenting with down here, but
put DOWN the hammer and raise your hands in the air. You’re coming with

The Huntress defeats Maximus

Yulgar: ……………………….
Please tell me that you’re not going to leave me here to take the blame
for stealing the book and knocking out this elite Tower Guardian.
Huntress: That is exactly what I am going to do. When he wakes up you will have a witness, at least. Until then, you are on your own.
Yulgar: And what’s your next move going to be--?

The Huntress dissappears.

Yulgar: !!! Come ON-- give a blacksmith a BREAK!!
Guard: What’s going on down there?!?!


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#14 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:45 pm


The Huntress Cutscene: Part 3

Yulgar: Artix! What took you so long?

Artix: I had forgotten this jail was under the Guardian Tower basement.

Yulgar: How is that guard doing that the huntress knocked out?

Artix: He’ll live. He confirmed your story about this “Huntress”… and Hans did too. We’ll have you out of here in no time.

Yulgar: Why can’t you get me out of here now?

Artix: uhh… Someone lost the key.

Yulgar: NICE
Artix: Warlic and Robina took off following the energy signature of this Huntress’ special portal-making glove you mentioned.
Yulgar: Just get me out of here so I can actually help catch her-- I’d like to see HER behind these bars… grr


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#15 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:45 pm


The Huntress Cutscene: Part 4

Huntress: Ahh… This place is quite familiar.
Yulgar: Can we put her in jail already?
Artix: Hehe…
Warlic: She has done no permanent harm, Yulgar. Except to your pride.
Yulgar: Hmf. Are you sure we can’t just lock her up for an hour or two?
Huntress: I heard that, Blacksmith.
Yulgar: Hey-- you want a piece of me again, I’m right here….
Warlic: YULGAR…
Yulgar: ehem….
Yulgar: So Artix, does your axe need sharpening?
Artix: We are all together here for one reason… To learn what we can about the Devourer before it is too late.
Warlic: Huntress, please, start at the beginning. Tell us what you know…
What I tell you is only from my perspective-- there will no doubt be
some things that I do not know about The’Galin-- the Devourer as you
call him.
Warlic: Tell us what you can.
Huntress: It began many centuries ago… nearly 1,000 years in the past…

The’Galin came to lore, Humanity was one of the lesser races, along
with the Elves and Dwarves. The Elves hid deep within forest, veiled in
magic; the Dwarves hid in their mountains, and Humans hid everywhere
in-between. Some Humans joined with other races, and combining their
ingenuity, found special places to hide… Such as creating floating
towns like Isle d’Oriens, tethered between the world and the Ethereal

The greatest race at the time of The’Galin’s last
arrival was the Drakel. In distant past the Drakel represent a link
between Humanity and Dragonkind, and yet they are not half-dragons. The
Drakel advanced so far that they were able to use magic and technology
in perfect harmony. With their ‘magiscience’ the Drakel build cities
that were able to withstand The’Galin’s destructive powers. The Drakel
survived, but remained walled away for centuries.

In the
meantime, Humanity and the other intelligent races returned from hiding
and rebuilt Lore’s civilizations. My family did not survive The’Galin’s
attack, though. All but myself and my father lived. My Father became
the Eternal, given neverending life so that he could measure the days
until The’Galin’s return. The’Galin himself gave him this gift-- this
curse. I, his only living child, he spirited away with him to Isle
d’Oriens. I was then but a small child…

Even as a child I knew what I had to devote my life to. I had to stop
at nothing to find a way to destroy The’Galin. And so I studied with
many scholars for years.
Huntress: And with the help of my
father, and several human-friendly Drakel, I constructed my Gauntlet--
because I had learned the only way to have any chance of stopping
Warlic: -- was to follow his path through the
universe. The Gauntlet is tuned for only your use in this purpose--
letting you carve interdimensional portals.
Artix: So you followed the Devourer-- you left your father, and lore, behind-- and you went after your hated enemy.
I still don’t understand… just what IS the Devourer-- or The’Galin as
you call it? And if this all started almost a thousand years ago-- why
are you still alive??
Huntress: The’Galin is only one name
for the Devourer… There are other people who know more about his
origins than I do. But suffice to say, he is the opposing force to
Warlic: He is destruction incarnate.
I still appear young because living in-between universes, as The’Galin
does, halts the flow of time. While I am here on lore, I am aging
Yulgar: Well, ehem… You don’t look a DAY past 4 centuries.
Huntress: My, you are not only exceedingly hairy-- you are also a comedian. A true renaissance man.
SO-- before this becomes a wrestling match-- let me say this. We now
have a plan, though it is still sorely lacking in valuable information.
Which, I believe we shall find.
Warlic: We must now secure
the weapons that the Huntress was after-- weapons that will help us
battle the Devourer’s forces. Our next stop is therefore-- Isle
Yulgar: I STILL can’t believe that Adder is a cousin of mine. It’s also quite funny that the Huntress got the two of us mixed up.
Huntress: Funny? Are you calling ME funny? Funny how? HA-HA funny, or funny like a clown??
Warlic: uhh… Artix… Maybe we should leave now.


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#16 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:46 pm


The Dark Orb

Morgul sends you along the Eastern Tread Road to meet a friend of his who may know where the Orb of Dark Power was taken.

Grink: Ahh, yeees... you are the one my maaaster sent. you
search for an Orb of Darkness, hm? Travel to the end of Skraeling
Desert. I saw a Light Sentinel who so rudely took the orb from it's
Slaxe guardian.
Grink: Beware... the Sentinel has several companions with him. One of his filty Rayzards almost spotted me.

Grink's arm falls off.

Grink: Ouch... that hurt.

You wander around Skraeling Desert, for two days, and then...

Prismix: Halt! You trespass in the territory of Garom Kachare, a
prime Sentinel if the Light Lord. Turn back or we will be forced to
deal with you.

Prismix (3)

Prismix: You may have bested my siblings, but you will now have to face the wrath of Garom Kachere himself!

You follow the Prismix and come to the lair of Garom Kachere. You feel the prescene of the Dark Orb.

Garom Kachere: I know why you have come, human, and I cannot
allow you to return the dark orb to its owner. Take this treasure chest
as a gift. In return, please leave here so that I may continue to find
a way to destroy the orb.

Potion Treasure Chest

Garom Kachere: Now, please leave, and reconsider the dark path you have chosen.


Glow Worm

Light Sentinel

Within the Light Sentinel's lair, you find the dark orb you were
seeking. Until now, you have never seen an elemental orb of power, but
you know there are many. You deliver the orb to Morgul, and he gives it
to his master, whoever that may be...


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Emerald Slime
Hell Hound
Potion Treasure Chest
Stone Golem
Undead King
Undead Knight
Undead Troll
Undead Wounded


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BATTLE (Each comes in a pack of 3)
Dastardly Gloop
Demon Cat
Drakel Caster
Drakel Enforcer
Drakel Warrior
Drakel Water Mage
Drone (10)
Elvish Warrior
Emerald Slime
Evil Eye
Fire Golem
Fire Knight
Fire Mantik
Ice Knight
Light Vampragon
Little BURP
Mondrogor (82)
Orc Archer
Orc Swordsman
Salamander Hatchling
Snow Warrior
Stone Golem
Swamp Trog
Torch Foot
Tundra Reaver
Undead Archer
Undead Ribber (25)
Vampire Slayer (30)
Worm Knight


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Twilly vs. Zorbak: Part 1
Zorbak: Meh hehehe….
Twilly: Hiya Zorbak! What are you doing here? Last time we saw you, you were walking off with your long-lost brother Kabroz!
Zorbak: Twilly! How nice to see your big red football-shaped noggin once again.
Zorbak: To answer your question, I was rather happy to find my brother. I never thought he had it in him…
Twilly: What do you mean? He was the one who turned a whole Moglin village into a ghost town!
Zorbak: Yes! How cool is that? He made me so proud!
Zorbak: He was always the quiet underachiever when we were children.
Zorbak: At last I have found someone who is ALMOST an equal of my incredible talent!
Zorbak: You have just seen the first result of our combined powers… but those freaks were nothing compared to what we can do!
Twilly: Why… you… you… You are a bad, bad Moglin!
Zorbak: Mehehe… Muhahahaha!! Don’t push it you little plush-doll-looking punk, or thou shalt be owned.
Twilly: Is that…. A CHALLENGE?!
Zorbak: Muhahaha! I’ve waited so long to do this!
Twilly: Um… Do what exactly?
Zorbak: PUNT TWILLY!!!!
Twilly: Hey, that’s very disrespectful!! Anyway, did you forget about what makes me so special??
Zorbak: Special? What kind of special? Special-special, or just special?
Twilly: *grumble grumble*
Twilly: Silly ebil Moglin! Twilly is special because Twilly is a great HEALER, okay??!
Twilly: A-HAH!! Now, feel the true wrath of Twilly!!
Zorbak: There’s something to be said for offensive magic.
Zorbak: Let this be a lesson to you. As a hero of mine once said: “Ebil will always win over good, because good is dumb!”
Zorbak: Mehehehehe.


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Twilly vs. Zorbak: Part 2

Twilly: I KNEW I'd find you here........... hiding out near your
old home village........... which is now abandoned because you and your
brother turned everyone into zombies!
Mehehehe..... You are smarter than I thought, though still as dimwitted
as can be! You have just walked into another one of my EBIL traps,
foolish little Moglin!
Zorbak: Let's see if you managed to learn anything yet from all your past defeats at my hands! Mehehehe!!
Twilly: What?? Do you think I actually didn't realize I was walking into a trap, and came here unprepared?!!

Twilly has always been a very innocent Moglin, but he has been learning
a lot about the way bad guys like Zorbak work from you lately! See how
your knowledge helps Twilly.
Difficulty: 10
Stat Used: Intelligence

After winning:
Even though you won the INT roll, you can now choose to PRETEND like you didn't!

If you choose: Yes I did win!! after winning the stat roll.

Zorbak: NOO!! That can't be!
Twilly: Haha! I did it! I guess I have been learning a lot! Now, Zorbak you'll see just how prepared I was!!
Zorbak: Grrrrr...

Twilly comes back in a Drakel Power Armor

Well now! Who is the Moglin in the Drakel power armor, Zorbak?? Hmm? I
am going to dish out some coporeal punishment, the kind your parents
should have given to you!
Zorbak: No one upstages the great and powerful Zorbak! NO ONE!!!

Zorbak shoots dark energy at Twilly, who blocks it and counters with an energy ball of his own.

Zorbak: Ow. You may have gotten the better of me today, Twilly, but I will run away and live to fight another day!!
Twilly: What is it you told me before? "Ebil will always win because good is dumb"? You better run now before this cannon recharges!!

Zorbak flees.

Twilly: Twilly OWNZORS!!

If you choose: I didn't Win, or lose the stat roll.

MEHEHEHE!!! You are still the same Twilly I remember! Now I will
destroy you and that silly football-shaped head of yours once and for
Twilly: Oh yeah?? Well I brought help!!
You: Okay, Zorbak, now it's time to answer to all the crimes you have comitted!
Zorbak: I don't think so, Adventurer! I brought help TOO!!


Level 25 and Below

Drakath, Undead Dragon (30)

Level 26-49

Drakath, Undead Dragon (65)

Level 50 and Above

Drakath, Undead Dragon (100)

You: Twilly is going to owe me for this one...


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Into The Darkness
Wow! That potion I just drank shrank me down to the size of a mouse!
That teaches me not to drink from strange bottles lying around in the
Me: That mouse hole looks interesting. I wonder what's in there? Probably just a mouse...

Smelly Rat

Me: Yes! I found my way back out of the hole. I wonder what will happen next?


Me: What a curious adventure I've had! Whoah! I feel funny... I think the potion is wearing off...


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Dragon War Time Scroll
you open the scroll you feel your head begin to spin. Suddenly, strange
lights appear before you and you are transported backwards through

Moon Called:
Our friends are already on the battlefield fighting... they need your
help! I have never seen a battle so fierce. But we must win! We must
stop the evil fire dragon!

An Adventurer: I am so
jealous! I wanted the Ice Claymore from Twilly but he said he was
holding on to it for you. You are so lucky! Do not worry, when we
finally break through the fire army, I will watch your back when you
fight Akriloth!

Evil Firezard Minion:
Rarrrwwrrrrraaarrrrr! (Translation: "Akriloth is going to eat you all
and go eat your families... ouch, Artix's foot hurts right there.

Enemy Fire Knight: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! ... Haha when I do get up I am going to stab all of your friends there in the back!

Kick 'em

Enemy Fire Knight: OUCH! That was not very nice... I hope Akriloth breathes fire and burns your house down!

Kick 'em... again!

Enemy Fire Knight:
YEOWCH! ... heh... you call that a kick? I bet you get beaten by level
1 frogzards! Akriloth is going to crush your puny human army and eat
you as a snack! You do not have a ....

One more, aim low!

Enemy Fire Knight: *Super high pitched voice* ... chance.

Artix von Krieger:
I just knew you would be here! Tis' an honor to fight by thy side! I
came here to ask Twilly to heal me so I can get back to helping to
defeat the fire monsters. That evil Dragon's days are numbered.
Artix von Krieger:
Akriloth, the Evil Fire Dragon taunting us from that volcano, has
killed many of our fellow adventurers, and destroyed several towns. He
even stole the magical Fire Orb which made him nearly invincable!
Artix von Krieger:
Since he obtained the Fire Orb, he has been attacking everyone on
random encounters. The only thing that could stop him was an ancient
weapon known as the Ice Scythe... long story... but it is the Ice
Claymore now!
Artix von Krieger: All of the adventurers in
the world came together and beat the impossible odds to recover the Ice
Claymore; Fire Demons... Ice Demons... Undead Dragons...
Artix von Krieger:
... and now that we have the Ice Claymore, it all comes down to this
final battle. All of the adventurers united against the most evil
monster in the world! When we get through their troops, you will take
the Ice Claymore.....
Artix von Krieger: ... and... BRING THAT DRAGON DOWN! ... we are counting on you.

*Huggles* Yea! Now that you are here we will win for sure! Twillies has
a gift from Yulgar, it's the Ice Claymore! It does good damage against
Fire Monsters, but it will do MASSSSSSSSSIVE damage to Akriloth!

You now possess the FROZEN CLAYMORE

(To Battle)
Akriloth, the insanly powerful fire dragon, remians perched upon his
volcanic home, commanding his army to block your path. Along with the
help of the other Adventurers, you must fight your way to him! The bar
to the left shoes how many of Akriloth's forces remain. There are
thousands of players on their way to join you in this battle!


Level 49 and Below

Fire Drakel Warrior

Fire Drakel Wizard

Fire Fiend

Fire Knight

Fire Mantik




Torch Foot


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#23 Re: Quest Guides [UPDATED] on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:47 pm


Part 2

Level 50 and Above


Draegan Avenger

Fire Demon

Fire Drakel Warrior

Fire Drakel Wizard

Fire Fiend

Fire Golem

Fire Knight

Fire Mantik

Fire Seed Spitter

Fire Warlord



Hell Hound




Torch Foot


Akriloth the Fire Dragon

Amazing! You have defeated the evil Fire Dragon Akriloth!
You did it... you really did it!

You: It is finally over...
I have saved these lands from the greatest monster of all time. I only
wish... I only wish that there was some cool theme music to mark this
incredible victory.
You: Like a... "Da Daaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
You: Or perhaps a... "Do Da Doooooo"
You: DadadadadaDAAAAAAA Dooo da dooooo! Dededededadada! DAAAAAA DAAAAAAA DOOOOOOOOOOOM!
You: ... or something.
The important thing is that we were victorious. History was made
here... today... on this very battle ground (and I have a really cool
sword now too!)
You: But now that Akriloth is gone ...
You: What is next?

Nifaria comes out from the volcano

Nifaria: Do you know you have just done, human!?
You: Whew... I was worried things were going to get boring here for a moment. Erm, *coughs* I mean... Who are you?
Nifaria: I am Nifaria, the Elemental Spirit of Fire! (Read my name tag next time.)
You: I have never seen an elemental spirit before.
Nifaria: That is because you are the first human to do so...
Nifaria: Thou hast slain Akriloth, the most powerful fire creature in this world... are you aware of the consequences of thy action?
*Obviously this will require some roleplaying* Mi'lady Spirit...
Akriloth was a dragon of evil. He was defeated fairly in battle to
protect the innocent.
Nifaria: That may be true, but slaying him has caused a great imblanace in elemental power.
Nifaria: Human, this may be difficult for you to understand... but this world is a battleground for the great elemental beings...
Nifaria: ... by slaying Akriloth you have put all fire beings in grave peril.
You: Are you trying to say by killing Akriloth, that I have endangered all fire beings in the world?
Nifaria: Yes
You: Then why did you not just say that in the first place?
Nifaria: Do not anger me human!
You: (This discussion is getting really heated) Nifaria, what can I do to reset balance?
Nifaria: In my hand is a fire dragon egg... it is about to hatch.
Nifaria: When it hatches in a few moments... it will be the only great fire dragon left in this world...
You: ... (Does this mean I get to kill two dragons in one DAY!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG!)
Nifaria: You will raise it...
You: RAISE IT!? You want me to raise a baby dragon?
Nifaria: Yes. You will raise Akriloth's only son. Take him with you on your adventures and raise him as you see fit.

Nifaria gives you the egg.

Nifaria: Akriloth's son will grow much faster than the other dragons you have seen...
Nifaria: Try not to let him eat you.
You: *Gulps* I will do my best to raise him to be a noble dragon.. a protector of humans...
Nifaria: *Chuckles* Thou art so going to be dragon food.
You: ...
Nifaria: Farewell...

Nifaria leaves.

You: ...
First I slay a dragon... then I get a lecture from some elemental
spirit... Now I need to raise a baby dragon? What else could happen

Mysterious Necromancer walks in

Mysterious Necromancer: Mwahahahahaha... *hrmph!?* Excuse me... what are you still doing here?
I guess that dialogue took a bit longer than I thought. Um... aren't
you the Mysterious Necromancer that created the Undead Dragon from the
dead Darkness Dragon?
Mysterious Necromancer: Yessss... You have not seen a dead Fire dragon laying around anywhere by chance have you?
You: Why yes... "laying all around" was a good way to put it. He exploded. *Wipes some goo off his foot*
Mysterious Necromancer: Seriously
You: Yes
Mysterious Necromancer: I am leaving.
You: ...
Mysterious Necromancer: Are you sure you exploded him? I mean... an undead super ultra magma dragon would really own in another undead war.
You: He definately exploded...
Mysterious Necromancer: DANGIT!
Mysterious Necromancer:
By the way, I just thought you would like to know that I have used evil
magic to create an indestructable force of mutant worm monsters which I
will unleash on the small defenseless town of battleon soon....
Mysterious Necromancer: Enjoy your victory while you can... DragonSlayer. *mumbles something about exploded dragons under his breath*

Mysterious Necromancer leaves

Evil army of Worm monsters? Elemental spirits engaged in an epic
battle? ... looks like things are getting interesting again... and I
liked the way he said "Dragon Slayer" (Now would be a good time to look
at your class)

You gain the class Dragon Slayer

You: It is time to start training this baby dragon...
You: This is weird... what is this "Dragon Armor" option under armors?

You gain Dragon Rider

You: Wow... the baby dragon hatched.
You: OMG!!! He is huge!!!!!!

The Dragon War Saga


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