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#1[Release] Le BOT 7.2 Empty [Release] Le BOT 7.2 on Sun May 05, 2013 9:51 pm

Le Bot
I had already made a bot for that but since I am putting all my tutorials together I will simply reedit the post.

Hello, this is my first time making a Le Bot tutorial so be clement.

First of all, let's talk about the Le Bot trainer. Le bot trainer is created by JamesRo, a AS3 coder. The very last version is version 6.9. Also, Le Bot offers many features going from miscellaneaous to bots.


I will now give you all the meanings of used language in Le Bot.

Bots: Automatic Figt/Item Pick-Up organized via cells, monsters ID, quest ID, etc.
Bot Manager: Create your own bot using different settings: Attack selected/random monsters, pick up items, accept/done quests, etc.
Option: Where you put the shop/quest ID to load, where you can change your walk speed, tilt the lag killer (grey screen)
List: Full list of the shops/quests IDs
Auto-Relog: when you get disconnected, Le Bot automatically reload you to the selected server.
Packet Spammer: Spams packet such as AddItem GetMapItem GetItem, etc

Bot Features

Pet Tamer

Legion Tokens:

Beginning the Final;
Legion Combattant;
Legion Exercise 1;
Legion Exercise 2;
Legion Exercise 3;
Legion Exercise 4;
Insanely Insane;
Soul Collector and non-Soul Collector.

Alchemy Reagents;
Ancient Vitae;
Combat Trophies;
Dark Crystal Shards;
Dark Spirit Orbs;
Dragon Talons;
Elder's Blood potion;
Emblem of Longevity;
Emblem of Good Luck;
Fuchsia/Magenta Dye;
Finding Fragments with Blade;
Finding Fragments with Bow;
Finding Fragments with Mace;
Golden Dragon Spear;
Golden Tickets;
Mana Golem bots;
Pay homage to Caladbolg;
Rainbow Shards;
Rays of Hope;
Sparrow's Blood potion;
Spirit Orbs;
Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance;
Tainted Gems;
Tainted Souls;
Totems of Nulgath;
Viper's Blood Potion.

Generic Attack Bot;
Quick Gold;
Timeportal CP;
Undead Pirates XP.

How Do Bots Work

It's quite simple. JamesRo has made bots and saved them on his Trainer and gave them to you so you don't have to play to be good.

Bot Manager

How to use;

So as the question how to use Le Bot Manager, it is quite easy.
Here are all the Bot Management features:

#Ran: Attack Random Monster
Attack: Tip in the box the monster that you wanna kill (case sensitive)
Join room: Tip in the room that you wanna join, tip only the name if you don't wanna go private but if you don't tip (e.g /join battleon-4635)
Move to cell: Move to the part of the map that you want. In the new Le Bot it picks up automatically.
Item Name (Case Sensitive): Tip in the item
Get: Gets the tipped item
Sell: Will get and sell the item.
Move to: Move to your actual location. Or you can tip in the coordinates if you know them.
Add to skill list: Adds your skill to the fight mode: From left to right>1>2>3>4>5
Add to quest list: Enter the wanted quest ID and it will automatically get accepted and done.
Delay: Delay between each action: 1000=1ms (not sure)
Rest: Auto Rests

Left side of Bot Management;
Contains monsters name, item names, delay, join room ID, cells, move to.

Contains the wanted quest(s) that you wanna accept/end

The complete skill list that you put.

Clear the entire command/skill/quest list.

Removes a certain action that you wanna delete.

Start botting.

Le Bot 7.2_mpgh.net.zip

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