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#1Battle Monsters and Get Cool Items!!! Empty Battle Monsters and Get Cool Items!!! on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:24 pm


Battle this monsters to get a weapon that you want.
You must enchant the weapons before equipping them, via news-weapons-enchantments, or the smith at the last-right map of invasion.



Purple slime drops: (cellar)

Purple slime staff

Jack Sprat Drops: (graveyard)

Undead Plague Spear (Sell price 16k)

Bone Axe

Skeleton Hand

Undead Spine

Sharkbait drops: (pirates)

Wave cutter (Sell price 10k)

Undead boss drops: (bridge)

Undead commander sword

Undead spine

Skeleton Hand

Treeant drops (farm)

Witch's Broom

Spite's Twig

Treeant club

General Porkon drops: (orctown)

Porkon's Axe (Sell price 8k)

Box guardians drop: (boxes)

Box Guardian Blade

Grizzle spit drops: (boxes)

Giant protector blade

Zardman Boss drops: (forest)

Morning Star (Sell price 4k)


Skeletal viking drops: (graveyard, bones)

Iron hammer

Two-handed axe

Skeletal warrior drops: (graveyard, bones)

Skeletal sword

Brute Blade

Fishmen drop: (pirates)


Fish Mace

Zardman hunters drop: (forest)

Stone hammer (Sell price 4k)

Zardman grunts drop: (forest)

Stone spear

Slime drops: (swordhaven)
Slime Staff

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