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According to supporters of the theory of the end of the world, life on Earth will end on 21. December 2012. The controversy was raised about the ancient Maya calendar that is ending on that date.

The only evidence they have for this belief is 800 years old Mayan manuscript known as Codex Drezdezis, which is kept in the City and University Library of Dresden.

It is all about one of several ancient Maya manuscripts that are stored in the world, and also the only one that contains the calendar and the images of apocalypse. The last image, for example, shows a catastrophic flood, with images of the gods and mythical creatures, with streams of water pouring on the ground from the jaws of the celestial dragon, according Bizlife.

The interest in this manuscript is huge. The library director Thomas Birger says that every day people are calling them from America, from Mexico, from all over the world. They call them scientists, laymen, and all possible weirdos. Birger said that on the Internet circulate an incredible number of rumors. Among other things, the forums are aware that on that day a comet will hit the Earth, and share tips for survival.

In order to disputed handwriting and so everyone can see them for themselves, researchers have developed a new digital version of the Code, so that its 39 sheets of printed and plotted from the bark of the fig tree, a total of 3.5 m long, can now be found on the Internet.

Birger says that they do not want to stir up rumors and theories, but to offer a valid information. The next year in Dresden will be the sign of the whole Mayan manuscripts, which will be dedicated to a number of meetings with thousands of visitors, but the 21. December to wait quite relaxed. On that day they will organize a party for the survivors, said Birger, a public library director.


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